Friday, February 14, 2014

Positive to gap up opening is expected

Positive to gap up opening is expected with stock specific moves … engulfing candle closed above 200 DMA, market is oversold , fiis were net buyers in both cash/F&O , segment on Thursday ,yesterdays move may be bears trap if will close above yesterdays opening ,if stays in range then we will say be ready to see 5800


Trade in Nifty futures as per these levels 

Buy at / above: 6021  Targets: 6042 – 6061 – 6080- 6100
Stoploss : 6001
Sell at / below: 6001   Targets: 5989 – 5970 – 5951- 5931
Stoploss : 6021

trade according to levels  all levels are buy above and sell below points depending on market last traded price …if 5989 will work as very strong support then u can plan ur trade like this   buy NF above 5989  sl 5969 target 6001 6021 same for reverse also …if NF trading at 6055  and failed to cross 6061  u can plan sell trade below 6061 ..



Positive to gap up opening is expected

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