Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gap down opening is expected with negative bias

Gap down opening is expected with negative bias ,sell on rise  then book profits later at swing lows you may see 50 to 60 points negative close in NF and 200 to 250 points crack in bank nifty in a day or 2 . After eight sessions range trade  expecting break down ,  only 10 % chances of break out are still there >>> have a look at chart



Trade in nifty futures as per these levels 

Buy at / above: 6551   Targets:  6577 – 6598 – 6618
Stoploss : 6533
Sell at / below: 6533   Targets: 6509 – 6487 – 6465 – 6443
Stoploss : 6551

Trade with stoploss order …please note that always place stoploss order by increasing 0.1 to 0.2 % above or below advised stoploss order to maintain secrecy of your stoploss order for better play . Try to win every trade …learn positive trading and prediction of future price  seeing real time chart plus use of technical indicators. Trade according to trend ..


Gap down opening is expected with negative bias

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