Friday, March 28, 2014

positional supports for Nifty will be

positional supports for Nifty will be  6450 ,  6300 ,  6100 ,   6000 ,  5750,  5400 …upside is not limited  from here  it may kiss 6700  6900 too

Yesterday  Market traded and settled at expected level  .we were expecting that market will close around 6650 and Nifty settled at 6642 thus 6700 pe settled at 58 Rs …which was advised to buy at 23  24  at chat room  dhanvarsha

27 Mar 14, 02:27 PM

[×] [o] admin: option data showing expiry at 6650 plus minus 20

27 Mar 14, 02:45 PM

[×] [o] admin: real expiry game may start at 3 PM or after that

27 Mar 14, 02:50 PM

[×] [o] admin: 6650 ce pe both are same means nifty may settle at 6650 pe 6700 trading at 24 possibility to settle at 50 u may BUY it

27 Mar 14, 02:57 PM

[×] [o] admin: BUY 6700 pe again at 23 24

27 Mar 14, 03:11 PM

[×] [o] admin: 6700 pe at 55

what more is required ….. 150 % gain within 1 hour

27 Mar 14, 02:18 PM

[×] [o] admin: nifty failed to sustain at higher level 6706 now … bech ke chalo SELL on rise

Flat to positive opening is expected AMO sell order at 6717   tgts in step of 17  to 23 as per  your digestion …if u are able to pay big MTM keep  ur short  for 300 Nifty points …means 6420  but for that do not let me know that you want sl of 6741 …yes we will trail it when opportunity will be there here is only speculation  that indicators are not supporting up move in prices  so correction must be there and it will not be healthy or smaller one a big one can not be ruled out …wait  for that  moment ..


Trade in Nifty Futures as per these levels

Buy at / above: 6708   Targets: 6720 – 6741 – 6761 – 6782
Stoploss : 6689
Sell at / below: 6689   Targets: 6669 – 6648 – 6625 – 6604
Stoploss : 6708

14   Feb to 27 March >>>>every session was  bringing foreign  money to our market ..FIIS were net buyers since then and when they will start pulling their $s …( god na kare ) Nifty kahan hoga  ??

In Sept  Oct 2007 same buying was  observed steep up move so  market corrected by 4000 points  this time  move is gradual that’s why we are  thinking for smaller correction  …


We have never encouraged to trade without stop loss order  …By placing sl  on your trade you can stay longer in market may reenter in same trade at better levels  and if  trade will move to other direction then calculate what you have saved by placing stop loss order …


positional supports for Nifty will be

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