Friday, March 7, 2014

positive to gap up opening on Friday 07 March

positive to gap up opening of 15 20 point may be there…channel breakout was spotted  yesterday ,  either pull back or new channel formation will be decided in coming sessions …yesterdays candle was hang man its confirmation is due . It is  Friday and out of 100 ,  80 were bearish   let us see will it go to 80 or 20 side …?


Trade in Nifty as per these levels

Buy at / above: 6480   Targets: 6497 – 6517- 6537 – 6557
Stoploss : 6460
Sell at / below: 6460  Targets: 6443 – 6423 – 6403- 6383
Stoploss : 6480

Trade according to levels … Market may  change its direction at any moment and at any level so do not take any level for granted.  Safe play is trade with stop loss order trail it and let your profits run   at any moment if market gives reversal signals  book gains or close your loss making trade. Gut feeling may work some times  but that is also  to be done with proper stoploss order …stop loss you may select either as per your risk or as per technical charts more about stop loss orders at

For STBT call s as gap up will be there  so we have 2 ways   either exit at open and book loss of 30  35 points or wait and watch market mood if profit booking will take place then place a stop loss order according to market move…please  note stop loss for any short trade will be applicable  for all short whether you went short at 5900 or at 6340 and trade ill be reversed positively with opposite stoploss…see  example message … (3/6/2014 9:44:23 AM): keep NF sl at 6382.20 sell below 6380 trading at 6373 low risk may be high reward trade if sl wont trigger …… go long above 6383 with sl at 6369

and from 6383  NF traded at 6436  almost 50 points above selling level … and we again created sell at 6430   now  expecting 6450  60 opening…let us see what is next  to know more in real time stay at chat room

positive to gap up opening on Friday 07 March

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