Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RIL, INFY, TCS and HDFC may set near term market direction

RIL, INFY, TCS and HDFC  may set  near term market direction


Reliance Industries and its partner BP have surrendered one more oil and gas block, reducing their tally to 5 from 21 exploration acreage they held three years back.

Trade in NF as per these levels

Buy at / above: 7720 Targets:  7740 – 7762 – 7784-7808

Stoploss : 7698

Sell at / below: 7699 Targets: 7678-7660 – 7638- 7616

Stoploss : 7720

Trade for stoploss … plan your trade seeing sl …suppose if advised to sell at 7700  with sl at 7720 and tgt —- .just give a thought that  will u bear 20 points stop loss of 1 lot  or x lots of Nifty ?? if answer will be yes  just enter in trade if answer wll be  No ..rethink …either reduce quantity  or move your selling order nearer  to stop loss say  place sell order at 7712  with 1 or — lots with sl at 7721..what will happen you might miss trade but  will be safe for  you and your trading account.

Nifty analysed  chart







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RIL, INFY, TCS and HDFC may set near term market direction

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