Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Expect positive opening then profit booking

Expect positive opening and then profit booking  sooner or later…

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yesterday panic short covering was there   lifted market above 80 points ..surprised  move was there ..

pre market calculations …real time calls will be updated during market hours after watching real time moves

Trade in nf as per these intra levels >>>>

 Buy at / above: 7899   Targets: 7917 – 7939 – 7961 – 7983

Stoploss : 7876

Sell at / below: 7876   Targets: 7858 – 7836 – 7814 – 7791

Stoploss : 7899

If we will observe  that nifty  may move up  from 7880  then will plan buy trade at 7880  with sl at 7876  and other way if we see that nifty will fall  from 7917  we  will plan sell  trade at 7917  with sl above 7917 say at 7922  or so  …

 gap up of 20  30  points  expected …

speculation  is there that horizontal channel may pull  nifty  back and or outer bollinger will  try to send prices towards  center bollinger  ..if  not done then red channel top is passing thru 7960  80   that will be pausing area

bank nifty  eod  showing that  bn   crossed  cluster  of moving averages at 1 go ..if it was trap then bn will crack today itself  if was real buying then  more 200  250 points up move will be there ..expect 15500  today’s high then back towards 14750  800  if horizontal range will not break  with volumes

yesterday  natural gas   copper buy calls worked excellent ..other eq  calls  performance was worst …but  positional btst and stbt worked excellent …ITC   from  360  to 347    gained 13000  per lot  …bhel   206  to 216   gained 20000/- per lot and HDFC from 1128  to 1111  17 points  more than 4000/- nifty stbt   7810  to 7772 …ce 7700  sell 135 to 112 … other call  either minimum  gain or sl hitting …you may update   here if posted any thing wrong in it .

Expect positive opening then profit booking

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