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How to plan trades in Nifty bank nifty and in other scrips

How to plan trades in Nifty  bank nifty and in other scrips 

Almost flat  or negative opening is expected  

it was passed  to you all at 11.36 PM (8/20/2014 11:36:45 PM): ashishdoshi: SGx +++31 Last message received on 8/20 at 11:34 PM morning flat opening or negative so no tension

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We are observing that few traders are  not  following us as we are instructing .Please note that avoid trade if you are not too confident on it or decide that either you will exit at stoploss or at  minimum profit of Rs 1000/-per lot  on any future trade or rs 1000/- gain in Nifty / bank nifty 2 lots trade ..

always book atleast 50 % gain at /near target 1 .near target 1  means within 0.05 %  range.  for nifty  it will be 3.50 and for reliance it will be 50 paisa near to tgt .

for sl   you can place max 0.3%   far  from desired  sl .

you can add  similar  qty  at / near stoploss level and place sl  for full  traded qty away 0.1 to 0.3 % from declared SL ..  If  momentum is greater than normal  means moving fast with volumes  you may reverse trade beyond stop loss .

We remains busy in searching  new trades /also monitoring  open  trades  how they are moving …  but if we have issued 10  15 trades  we can monitor all at 1 go …but  you may be  only in 1  or 2 so it is your duty to inform us if you notice any abnormal move  or possibility  of  reduction in profit  before hitting the tgt  so we can pass u further instructions/ exit call / sl modification.

Trade in NF as per these levels

Sell   NF at / below:  7910  Targets:   7881  - 7852 – 7832 – 7812 – 7791
Stoploss : 7926

book 14 to 20 points profit on each intra nifty trade… reason if developed trend is not there nifty trades in 25 35 points range and in that range we can pick max 25 points if we are quite smart

see  daily  nifty  chart

msg  was passed (8/20/2014 4:19:12 PM): Bearish engulfing candle will be there at nifty eod chart after red spinning top … now tell me what will be its impact ????



NF  4 hours  chart

if yellow channel is true and NF stays in it  then possibility  of testing bottom of channel

time 7  to 8 days level  7680

if breakout will be there then 7980  8000 in  a day or 2

if creep  with upper  trend line may reach to 7980   8000 in  7  to 8 days

max possibilities 200  or more points  correction   bindas thoko keep sl 7926  31

always rotate your money by booking  15  20 points on each swing …

sell on rise book gains at low  then again place order to sell at swing high or as advised

Make a habit to analyse your performance every day on receipt of contract watch  every trade   you  performed .  have you  followed any instruction  or not ?

check your trades …

if result is like this

you sold  below 10 paisa …loss in trade  …loss of brokerage and taxes …you traded  for  broker …you  traded  for Sarkaar  and also you traded  for other trader …not for you…  rethink and decide that  you will never enter in such trades if you are not sure ..  having no confidence  or  trade is  not moving. momentum is not there .. how to find momentum ???

if you are scalper then use  5 minute chart  read instructions at chart

see  how we have passed sell  on ONGC   spotted by seeing trend line … (8/19/2014 3:11:22 PM): sell ongc at 434.70 stbt

ONGC sell next  day (8/20/2014 9:27:08 AM): sell ongc f at 430 sl 434.60 426 421 >>>>406

so 435  to 423     gained  10000/-  or more per lot na

target 406  hai  ayega kya ???

spinning  top  then bearish engulfing candle   ..ab to ram hi bachaega


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How to plan trades in Nifty bank nifty and in other scrips

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