Friday, September 26, 2014

Expecting bullish engulfing / hammer today

Expecting bullish engulfing or  hammer today    both are reversal candles

eod nifty chart  resting at 50  ema

strong support   but due to gap down may turn is strong resistance to come out of that bulls must clear it as early as possible .


New month  Fresh start ….we  are planning to play ulta game reason is it is Friday every one will expect for Black Friday and try to sell his /her stuff  but big players will encase this opportunity so why don’t you …buy at open on dips around 7940  50 keeping sl at 7918 .

ok trying to give you levels

Trade in Nf as per these levels

Buy at / above: 7943   Targets: 7961 – 7983 – 8006 – 8028
Stoploss : 7921
Sell at / below: 7921   Targets: 7902 – 7880- 7858 – 7836
Stoploss : 7943

Please respect the trend and plan ur trades as per trend ..these levels are important support / resistance /pivot levels so  u can plan ur entry long /short any where keeping sl below 1 level up  or down for example ..

if nf will  failed to move 8006 and you are feeling that NF will going to crack from 8006 just sell it  and keep sl above 8028  where as it is target 3  in our buy advise …we are giving buy advise at 7943  as we are expecting that NF will start  at or below 7943 and move to 8000  8045  but it may reverse its direction at any time and at any level because  it is only prediction / speculation …

possible waves of Nifty futures in coming sessins 7950 to 7989 7990 to 8060 or 7950 8060 to 8100 or 7990 8100 to 8180 or 7980 today BUY on dips keep sl max 20 NF points buying level 7940 53 sl 7918 tgt 7990 8045

25 Sep 14, 10:36 PM

[×] [o] admin: sl triggered in nat gas call was 25 Sep 14, 09:09 PM [×] [o] admin: SELL nat gas at 243.40 90 sl 245.60 tgt 242 240 >>>236



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Expecting bullish engulfing / hammer today

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