Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nifty moved up from 7630 to 8180 at one go

Nifty moved up from 7630 to 8180 at  one go  and from there 38.2 % retracement  as per fib upto 7925  provided technical support so nifty bounced up.. now well prepared to breach 38 % level as seeing red spinning top at eod chart confirming bucking of momentum  you can see nifty trading at 7852 soon  if this chart is correct and if  bears will take over  7928 easily  with volumes   ..Nifty will be gud to buy  only above 8150   for higher target of 8300  8400 below that sell on rise and book profits at swing lows as we have started at Dhanvarsha .


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Nifty futures high was 8166.40  and calls were like this

19 Sep 14, 09:12 AM

admin: Sell NF at / below: 8145 Targets: 8126 – 8104 – 8081 – 8059 Stoploss : 8167

after hitting target 1 ..again advised to sell  at 8148  58

19 Sep 14, 10:53 AM

[×] [o] admin: SELL NF at / below: 8158 Targets: 8126 – 8104 – 8081 – 8059 Stoploss : 8167 do not enter in trade without sl trading at 8158

after trading below 8110  again advised to sell at 8140  50 and carry home as stbt

19 Sep 14, 03:06 PM

[×] [o] admin: sell nf at 8141 8154 carry short

expecting expiry at  8000  plus minus 30 as per  nifty options OI  analysis ..

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Nifty moved up from 7630 to 8180 at one go

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