Sunday, September 28, 2014

ntpc can be bought above 134.50

ntpc can be bought above 134.50

keeping sl below 131 for tgts 141 147 156 168 181 pls note if 1 level will break then you  may hope for next so upar jane ke lie pahala padav 141 do not trade without sl and when 141 will be cleared you  may shift sl to 139 … duration 6 to 12 months join dhanvarsha free charoom to get premium real time messages either subscribe or open trading account for lowest brokerage


8000 call expired at 0.05 paisa means full gain call was 22 Sep 14, 03:07 PM admin: SELL 8000 call at 167 70 sl 181 tgt below 105 170 rupayaa gained on SELL call Dhanvarsha 8500/- Rs per lot gained in only 3 sessions if sold at 170\

dow traded above 160 $ from BUY advise call was “BUY dow at 16908 sl 16836 tgt 17017′ shared here and also at twitter see at chart how it has moved dhanvarsha

Nifty spot may trade few more days between 7843 8175 range as per fib levels

1031.50 traded bang on tgt 1 call was 26 Sep 14, 10:15 PM [×] [o] admin: SELL ni at and below 1045 sl 1050.20 tgt 1032 1022 trading at 1038.20 gained 7 points 1700/- rs per lot

sl triggered in Ni BUY call …loss 2000/- per lot call was (9/26/2014 4:02:18 PM): BUY ni at and above 1055 sl 1047 tgt 1078

surprise …we posted this ” we are planning to play ulta game reason… is it is Friday every one will expect for Black Friday and try to SELL his /her stuff but big players will en cash this opportunity so why don’t you …BUY at open on dips around 7940 50 keeping sl at 7918 . Trade in Nf as per these levels BUY at / above: 7943 Targets: 7961 – 7983 – 8006 – 8028 Stoploss : 7921″ please respect the trend and plan ur trades as per trend ..for example ..if nf will failed to move 8006 and you are feeling that NF will going to crack from 8006 just SELL it and keep sl above 8028 where as it is target 3 in our BUY advise see post was shared at 9.01 AM at





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ntpc can be bought above 134.50

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