Monday, November 17, 2014

Let us start our journey towards South

Let us start our journey towards South  (chalo bhag chalen South ki or )  quicker per bech do

SGX nifty 1 hr chart showing that it is trading at channel top if it will break it then panic buying will take nf to 8500 and above if failed to move up and profit booking will take place then channel bottom is waiting at 8343 level so consider levels 8350 8380 8410 8440 and 8470 for today’s session . may trade between all or between any two levels for whole day ..8410 8440 opening range selling between 8425 8440 with sl at 8441 may give quick 15 20 points gain at open


sgx nifty 4 hour chart trading at top of horizontal channel if channel will pull it back then profit booking booking may drag it easily to 8350 if not then may trade in range in 20 points at 8420 8445 and if channel will break then today we will be able to see nf at 8500 and above we are expecting that it may stay in channel or may move to South from here reasons are reliance LT ICICI and tatamotors incl infy watch these for profit booking if few more counters will join them like BHEL and pharma stocks then ??

in rcom stay LONG above 100 sl 97 for positional trades tgt 110 118 121 SELL below 97 for tgts 91 82 70 >>>54

please share your views on it …. this chart of reliance is showing that after winning of namo it is correcting ..making lower lows and lower highs retraced 50 % from its high trading in TAZ or in a bunch of moving averages from here minimum 100 points quick move can not be ruled out either 925 880 800 or 1020 1060 1140…technical indicators are willing to support bears it seems which may turn in favor of bulls by only one large white candle so be like a political leader and join hands with the party who is winning do not stay with losers trade with sl trade with confidence

Dhanvarsha  calls performance

crude 4580 to 4670 …9000/- per lot or more

nat gas traded at 251 from 244 …call was in continuation … (11/14/2014 11:30:29 PM): BUY nat gas 247.90 sl 245.90 tgt 249.80 251 gain 3000/- plus

ng traded at 247.20 bang on tgt call was 14 Nov 14, 10:15 PM [×] [o] admin: BUY ng above 244 sl 242.90 tgt 245 247 gained 3750/- per lot

tata motors traded below 525 4 times also traded above 537 4 times after initiation of SELL call on it SELL below 539 …..and at each swing high we have passed SELL call on it with sl at 543.60 if 7000 gained on each call then total will be 28000/- all in all

6000/- or more per lot gained in zinc call was 14 Nov 14, 04:31 PM admin: zinc BUY at 138.25 sl 137.60 tgt 139.40 140.90 dhanvarsha lottery

copper traded well above of tgt at 415 …call was 14 Nov 14, 03:53 PM [×] [o] admin: BUY copper at 409.30 sl 407.80 tgt 412.80 gained 3000/- or more per lot

silver traded above 35200 call was 1..14 Nov 14, 01:18 PM [×] [o] admin: BUY silver at 34144 stoploss 33898 tgt 34386 (11/14/2014 8:09:24 PM): BUY silver at 34472 sl 34376 tgt 34889 trading at 34471 30000/- or more per lot on silver

lead gaining 5500/- per lot on call at 125.80 14 Nov 14, 05:37 PM [×] [o] admin: BUY lead at 124.70 sl 123.90 tgt 125.30 126 enjoy dhanvarsha

Trade in Nf as per these levels  

sell below 8410  targets levels  8372 8354  8332  8312  sl 8442 

buy at and above 8442  sl 8309  tgt 8472  8504  8535

NF  may turn its direction from any level plus minus 0.1 % so  take care of your trades while booking profits  moving sl to trailing sl and to reverse your trade ..

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Tata motors  time to recall our call posted on 02 Nov 14 at

” Low risk high reward positional trade of tatamotors .tatamotors is trading at 161.8 % fib level also at double top both may work as strong resistance for up move

.sell tatamotors futures on rise .

If reversal started from 536 540 may trade at 487… ”  we may see it at or below 500 today

so continue on call …. sell on rise  target  we are lowering to 460 and below ..

Trade with stop loss order …stop loss triggering is not the end of game but you may consider it as the beginning of game or you can assume it as fuse wire which has  burnt to protect your house wiring from mega hazard.


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Let us start our journey towards South

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