Sunday, November 2, 2014

May sell tatamotors futures below 539

May sell tatamotors futures below 539

Low risk high reward positional trade of tatamotors .tatamotors is trading at 161.8 % fib level also at double top both may work as strong resistance for up move

.sell tatamotors futures on rise .

If reversal started from 536 540 may trade at 487…

if 487 will failed to support the falling  may fall to 459 ..

keep sl at 540.60 … create short again below 539 if sl triggers

you can give many sl of 2 to 3 points but if only single trade will work for 40 points … u will be at bumper Dhanvarsha Trade seeing stop loss order …enter in trade only if  u are willing to afford sl …do not modify sl without technical approval . sell only below 539…

Duration 30 to 60  days .

Tata motors 520 pe buy on dips for tgts 20 30 and 40 closed at 10.10 exit from trade if tata motors f trade and sustains above 545 .

May sell tatamotors futures below 539

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