Friday, November 7, 2014

Range trade or range break ??

Range trade or range break ??

30 minute sgx nifty chart showing that range trading or consolidation is continue and after that  possibility of breakout or breakdown will be there kya hoga koi nahin janata but remember longer will be consolidation larger will be range break  break down hua to 8300 aayega and oopar gaya to 8490 8500 …plan ur trades accordingly ..halka sa Friday ka tadka bhi rahega nifty sell on rise keep sl in 8428 8434 range lower targets 8362 8322 best shorting levels between 8389 8408 …partial profit booking at 15 to 18 points and placing sell again near selling level is advised till nifty will not break its range 8362 8408 once range will break nifty may move 70 to 90 points either side thats why advising to trade with sl and plan ur trade seeing intra day trend …for intra updates stay at manthan facebook group or at dhanvarsha chatroom have a look at eod Nifty chart


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Range trade or range break ??

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