Monday, November 10, 2014

Sell Nifty Futures on rise

Sell Nifty Futures on rise and book gains at low till nifty is trading below 8425 keeping sl at and above 8427 .

this 30 min sgx nf chart is showing that it is trading in range 8352 to 8427 since last 5 sessions ..if it will continue today also then trade like this SELL at 8412 25 sl 8427 32 tgts 8372 8352 if moves up again may BUY at 8350 55 sl 8322 tgts 8398 8423 .. if range break will be there then either BUY or SELL seeing the market direction and trail by stop loss order upside targets above 8424 will be 8448 8470 8498 and down side targets will be 8325 8262 8203

this weekly chart is showing that  nifty ended making hanging man candle  which is reversal  indication if worked  nifty may  get  support at 7685  7139  in coming 8 to 10 weeks


Trade according to trend …if moves up keep your sl below days low and start buying on dips ..stay at free chat room for real time trade updates

tata motosr is consolidating at 533 543 range ..if blasted up above 544 may trade at 570 if corrected then 524 519 500 489

36 % gained within 40 days on JP BUY call …shared at dhanvarsha at chart …how much u u have made on it call was there …stoploss was there and now trading above 36 % from entry level

silver traded for 500 points …traded at 34236 bole to 15000/- per lot call was like this …7 Nov 14, 11:27 AM [×] [o] admin: ailver has broken 33722 support made on 5 Nov trading at 33586 if moves above 33733 and sustains then BUY it for 500 points gain say BUY at and above 33733 sl 33588 tgt 34188 do not BUY if trades below 33733 once 33733 will trigger then u may BUY on dips keeping sl as advised

gold weekly chart ended making hammer at very strong support of 25000 level ..buying at this level and above keeping sl at 24996 may give gud positional returns in coming months possible resistances will be 27600 28722 29973 ..please note if 1 level will breach u may hope for next if 25000 25100 will break gold may trade at or below 18350 so never trade without sl order and enter in trade /plan your trade only if u can easily afford sl .To reduce ur losses due to sl triggering either reduce ur qty or place ur trade entry order closer to sl

4780 to 4883 …100 points up move … crude traded after BUY call on it crude call …7 Nov 14, 10:52 AM [×] [o] admin: SELL cr at 4780 sl 4794 tgt 4763 trading at 4780 then 2 ..7 Nov 14, 12:40 PM [×] [o] admin: crude oil BUY at 4786 sl 4764 tgt 4828 from here crude traded almost above 100 points .

nat gas SELL call traded more than 6 points below predicted tgt call was 7 Nov 14, 01:08 PM [×] [o] admin: SELL nat gas at 271.90 sl 274.40 tgt 270.20 traded 274 to 264 but gain is zero due to stop loss hits after SELL call planned after 7 PM

reliance 1010 to to 989 gained 20 points call was 5 Nov 14, 09:39 AM [×] [o] admin: SELLrel f below 1010 sl 1016.60 tgt 1001 992 20 points Dhanvarsha 5000/- per lot

8000 ce SELL advised above 390 traded at 340 50 plus points gain call was 5 Nov 14, 03:00 PM [×] [o] admin: SELL nifty call again at and above 390 sl 415.2 tgt same

sl triggered in ce 8000 advised to SELL at 384 loss 26 nf points

please note if any trade moves at  Rs 1000/-  gain where invested capital is less than Rs  25000/- …either book gains or move your stoploss to cost plus brokerage without any delay.

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Sell Nifty Futures on rise

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