Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tata steel good to buy above 455

Tata steel is attractive at 455  470 level  keeping sl at 454 for 1 years target  580  690 closed at 473.40.

u may add to your port folio for 6 to 14 months do not hold if slips below 450  below 450  it may slip to 330 also so  future traders may short if it slips below 450 keeping sl at 456  for the targets 420 390  330   stay at dhanvarsha  for time  to time updates


8690 8700 level was also expected at 8.37 AM yesterday and futures traded at 8670 >>see message was shared at yahoo ….dhanvarshagrp (11/28/2014 8:37:55 AM): as per this chart fib showing that retraced 61 % from top then pulled up and closed at 23.6% retracement level if it will start at 8586 90 today …can we expect closing at or below 23.6% level or at 38.2 % level which is at 8520 25 or will move towards 161 % extension which will be around 8690 8700 we are ready for each move bas trade with sl if market wont move in predicted direction then that will save your trade and capital to get such messages in advance join Dhanvarsha Open trading account to save brokerage

crude corrected by full 100 points at 4213 after we predicted that it is in bears grip below 4317 >>>>>28 Nov 14, 09:17 PM [×] [o] admin: at 4317 came out of up trending channel if u have gud mtm then stay in LONG trade nahin to wait for LONG it is in bears grip

4349 traded gained 28 points bang on tgt 1 call was 28 Nov 14, 07:49 PM [×] [o] admin: BUY cr on dips 4302 4320 sl 4288 tgt 4349 4369


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Tata steel good to buy above 455

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