Saturday, November 1, 2014

Yes bank keep track on it

Yes bank keep track on it 

channel breakout is seen here…
there are 2 views either channel will try to pull yes bank  back in its limits or yes bank  will trade in new channel ..if trade in new channel then may trade any where as we cant limit any breakout…if pulled back in channel then it may correct to 595 570 level trading at 684


JPassociat moved up by 24% or more within 1 month of buy advise call was accumulate  jp …shared on 28 Sept 2014 at Dhanvarsha ye dil mange more abhi 23 month aur baki hain.

CHART SHOWS WHATEVER WE WANT TO SEE uptrending channel at weekly chart whenever tried to kiss channel top corrected by 300 to 500 nifty points some times reached to channel bottom ( 7400 now ) and so many times to middle of channel (7900now) this weekend closed at channel top if it will follow 4 to 5 month trend will stay in channel if it will not then channel breakout may take it to 8500 9000 or even 10000 and above for formation of new channel because no one can judge breakout / break down levels

30000/- per lot gain on positional trade of natural gas 

31 Oct 14, 11:09 PM

[×] [o] admin: ng traded above 243 …when it was shared by me at 217 few persons were laughing on me ….see urself >> (10/28/2014 6:47:04 PM): natural gas possible levels above 218.20 in coming weeks 221.20 222.60 227 238 241.80 trading at 217.40 BUY above 218.20 sl below 217.40 see his open challenge same day for 185

r power 71 to 76 in only 3 sessions after buy call 6 to 7 % gains and gmrinfra moved 8 % up in 3 to 4 sessions after buy reco shared here

5000/- or more  loss per lot on sl triggering 

31 Oct 14, 06:21 PM

[×] [o] admin: sl triggered in silver loss 5000/- rs per lot call was 31 Oct 14, 04:43 PM [×] [o] admin: BUY silver at 35852 and on dips above 35700 keep sl at 35678 tgt 36300 37240

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Yes bank keep track on it

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