Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nifty trades planning commodity trades planning and stop loss orders

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Nifty    futures   sell planned   above  10180    traded  below  9700 💥       480 points gained  
nifty  buying  planned  at 9730     traded at 9880     150    nifty  points  gained   ...   who  says      one  cant pick   top 😳  or bottoms
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kotak bank  f  gained   more than Rs  50000/- ?? to   a lot     all target done    first  swing 975 to 989     14 points  and  second  swing 968 to 1015  = 47  points    see  msgs  >>>[9/28, 9:21 AM] KC: buy  kotak  f    979  to  970  sl 968  tgts  988  998   1012
[9/28, 9:39 AM] KC: kotak   976     to  979.80      book partial  place buy below  974     listen  audio    for more understanding    KC   ??+919838772020     Zerodha Marketing partner   join zerodha   now   seekho magar  Pyar se
how  market  players  plan  to  earn  big money  by sl  triggering
real  time  explanation
 see  nickel was  trading in range   699   to  695      again and  again    few  traders   booking gains  and   planning reentry   at 699     booking  and  placing
 sell again at 700  big players were   watching   calculating  and   guessing the  level  where      large  number of  buyers  may be there in  form of sl order ..      suppose  they  guessed  1000  lots  
 buying sl placed at  707  708 level ...  they  placed  sell order at 707 708    for 1000  lots ... but nickele  was  trading at 700   697 ,,, when  they  found  600  or 900    lots  sell  was in total at 698     they
 placed  buy     at market  at 706   all   selling orders   bought and   rate reached   close  to  707 ...   all sl  got triggered  and    their  complete  stuff sold at 707    708   bought between 698 to  706   they  gained
 and  nickel is at 700    again   we  lost  because   we are .....
we  are not  placing  sell orders   at  desired     level  and  loosing  our trades      just think  we  are say  1000   traders   and   if  we  would have  sold  1    lot at 700    and  placed  4    more to sell     close  to
 our sl    then     our selling number  at   sl   become  big   supply area    which  could   not be purchased  by any one  ..  conclusion      place     4   fold  entry order      in  trade   at  or  close  to sl

Sunday, September 17, 2017

nifty 1 Hr chart and analysis for week ending 22 Sept 2017

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nifty  1  Hr chart and  analysis   ..listen discussion to learn more
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Road map for reliance as per fib

Reliance 1016  to 1327 traded    then Reliance 1327  to 1250  traded  and fib said same that on completion  of any wave  it may retrace 23 % to 61 %   and trend will remain same ...levels  are  1254   1207   1172   1133

ab reliance ne 23 % retacement kiya and support legaya  so again retrtracement  of falling wave
Trade Ideas, [03.03.17 10:43]
see urself fib dadda ka kamal 🤔
500 saal pahle oopar jako baitha but unako maloom tha ki reliance 1265 par jhatke khaega 😳 1274 par bhi ab 1265 se neechu ni gaya to kya hoenga ?🤔
ya to 1265 par khelega ya wapas oopar jaega
men sochata usko kaise maloom tha ?🤔
aapko maloom ?
reliance traded from 1284 to 1265 9000 per lot gained Trade ideas yahan sirf ideas milata hai free ka and hamare zerodha referral ko shubh dhanvarsha men exclusive maal milega
Trade Ideas, [03.03.17 18:45]
Reliance 1086 to 1286 200 points almost 20 % up gaya 14 15 din men lekin 18 % move
sirf 30 min 30 min 30 min ke 3 candles se kiya ... can u share why this time was selected to move stock up ?
opening ka pahla 30 mins 18 % up move in 1 hr 30 min and 20 % in 15 din kya ye game hai ?
Trade Ideas, [06.03.17 11:19]
reliance made intra double top at 1308 best selling opportunity
at 1305 to 1310 sl 1311 intra tgt 1292 1281 »>1262 chala to rocket nahin to 20 paisa ka loss plan karo
Kailash Chaturvedi, [07.03.17 13:28]
this we may call as rising wedge google it kya hota hai iska impact gold men dekh lo
reliance men bana hai jo reliance bhag raha tha aaj negative trade ho raha hai kun ?
Trade Ideas, [07.03.17 10:15]
KC ka ulta chashama 😎 jo reliance 11 opening candle men 50 points up jata tha agar wo 11 candle men 11 rs up hai means
bulls tired ho gaye and unki is tiring men agar aap thoda sa Jio ka oil nikal loge kum ni hoga so thoko
with sl and partial book karo 2000 and again sell laga do 1323 par ya above it 1223 se 1316 khel raha hai
soon rising wedge ka asar dikhai dega and 1242 ki journey start hogi so thoko dears agar dil nahin hai dar
hai to 1230.90 ka sell lagao bo par 30 ps ka sl jaega to 20 30 ps aaya to oo lala hoga trade ideas jahan sirf free ka idea milega kuki ye india hai and yahan aur kuch mile na mile dhansoo ideas har ek ke paas hai KC ☎️ +919838772020
Trade Ideas, [08.03.17 07:07]
Reliance spot daily chart sudden fall in volume and momentum and mfi above threshold at 84 so possible corrective
move will be there sell on rise kuki upper channel pull in karega immediate target 1136
kuki chanel bottom to aayega hi aayega aaj nahin to 10 din baad LTP 1305 sl kal ka mazboot sl
hai market open ke baad naya tsl share karenge trade ideas par u can plan puts of rel strike above
1260 for 300 se 1000 % profit sl keep below 50 % of premium paid
Kailash Chaturvedi, [09.03.17 11:33]
ise kahate hain camel 🐪 ka hill ⛰🌹 ke neeche aana
reliance 1327 ka high now traded at 1288 possible levels 1245 1180 1091
kc ka ulta chashma
Trade Ideas, [14.03.17 11:07]
market open se pahle advise kiya reliance ko 1323 ke sl se sell karana close to sl
high hit 1322 low 1297 gain 25 points means 12500 to a lot pls listen latest audio
Kailash Chaturvedi, [14.03.17 10:38]
selling rel f 1300.30 to 1315.90 sl 1316.60 tgt 1292 1278 1262 1242
Kailash Chaturvedi, [16.03.17 14:52]
bull market men reliance ke intra bearish moves we are selling it from 1322 on each swing high isi liye kaha hai ki old plans hamesha active rahte bas sl tgt side men move hote
Trade Ideas, [20.03.17 13:36]
1291 traded gained 5000 per lot or more reliance f booked 50 % placed sell again above 1306 plan was »Trade Ideas, [20.03.17 09:40]
selling rel f between 1300 to 1311.90 sl 1313.20 tgts 1292 1284 1266 1256