Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nifty trades planning commodity trades planning and stop loss orders

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Nifty    futures   sell planned   above  10180    traded  below  9700 💥       480 points gained  
nifty  buying  planned  at 9730     traded at 9880     150    nifty  points  gained   ...   who  says      one  cant pick   top 😳  or bottoms
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kotak bank  f  gained   more than Rs  50000/- ?? to   a lot     all target done    first  swing 975 to 989     14 points  and  second  swing 968 to 1015  = 47  points    see  msgs  >>>[9/28, 9:21 AM] KC: buy  kotak  f    979  to  970  sl 968  tgts  988  998   1012
[9/28, 9:39 AM] KC: kotak   976     to  979.80      book partial  place buy below  974     listen  audio    for more understanding    KC   ??+919838772020     Zerodha Marketing partner   join zerodha   now   seekho magar  Pyar se
how  market  players  plan  to  earn  big money  by sl  triggering
real  time  explanation
 see  nickel was  trading in range   699   to  695      again and  again    few  traders   booking gains  and   planning reentry   at 699     booking  and  placing
 sell again at 700  big players were   watching   calculating  and   guessing the  level  where      large  number of  buyers  may be there in  form of sl order ..      suppose  they  guessed  1000  lots  
 buying sl placed at  707  708 level ...  they  placed  sell order at 707 708    for 1000  lots ... but nickele  was  trading at 700   697 ,,, when  they  found  600  or 900    lots  sell  was in total at 698     they
 placed  buy     at market  at 706   all   selling orders   bought and   rate reached   close  to  707 ...   all sl  got triggered  and    their  complete  stuff sold at 707    708   bought between 698 to  706   they  gained
 and  nickel is at 700    again   we  lost  because   we are .....
we  are not  placing  sell orders   at  desired     level  and  loosing  our trades      just think  we  are say  1000   traders   and   if  we  would have  sold  1    lot at 700    and  placed  4    more to sell     close  to
 our sl    then     our selling number  at   sl   become  big   supply area    which  could   not be purchased  by any one  ..  conclusion      place     4   fold  entry order      in  trade   at  or  close  to sl