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Something About Me and Dhanvarsha 

Thanks for landing on the ‘About me ’ page Dhanvarsha . Here, I’ll be sharing some background information about ‘ Dhanvarsha ’ and Kailash Chaturvedi (Founder of Dhanvarsha, thats me).

About Me!

I’m Kailash Chaturvedi , 53 , Professional trader / analyst living at Jhansi , Uttar Pradesh , India . I started my first blog in November 2009 . Since then posted more than 5000 trading articles , currently  providing online support / guidance to traders / analysts  in scientific manner through audio visual means.
I also have a separate, completely-dedicated blog for keen learners 'Gurukul '.

About This Blog.

ABT Purpose
The main purpose of this blog is to help traders and analysts to learn about markets and do positive trading and get back their money and confidence they lost .

Contact Me

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Thanks for reading. Talk soon. :)

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