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Monday, March 29, 2010

Trade Update: Book 100% longs in Silver – 500% profit in 8 days

Suggested here :

and here

My target was 17.25 in the pullback and see its trading at 17.40

so how we traded over the past 2 weeks?

Short @ 17.55 , Covered @ 16.55 – 10,000 pips profit

Long @ 16.60 , Covered @ 17.40 – 8,000 pips profit

Overall above 18,000 pips profit in less than 8 days which is $1800 profit on a single Micro lot of 1000 units and investment of just $300… overall 500% return

Friday, March 26, 2010

Trade Update… Silver Pullback

Suggested here:

I asked you to book out of Silver shorts and get on other side for a pullback… I asked to cover shorts near 16.5 and it did 16.55 before pulling back… my target was 17+ and its already trading at 16.92…

Target is still open and stretched to 17.18-17.25

Get out of longs near 17.20-17.25

Get out of Silver shorts… Target Hit

Suggested here:

Target was below 16.8 then later downgraded to 16.5 … its trading at 16.55 mark and I see it bottoming out near 16.45…  which is near 10,000pips or $1000 on an investment of just $300… 300+% profit in 5 days.

Book out near 16.5-16.45 and go long in Silver with a Stop @ 16.35 for a target of 17+ in coming days…



vikas verma

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sell RPOWER for a big fall

Sell RPOWER or BUY 150PA for April @ 6-7
Downside Target: 142.98 <-> 141.36 <-> 139.05 <-> 136.11 <-> 132.38
Stop is 2% higher from today's high ie.. 153


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Put Options for April Series

Buy these dirt cheap Put Options for April series

ACC 950PA @ 29 for April

AMBUJACEM 115PA @ 2.8 for April

BHARTIARTL 300PA @ 8.5 for April

CIPLA 340PA @ 11 for April

Trade Update: BHARTIARTL Shorts gave over 30% gains

Suggested Here:

Bharti 320PA touched 20.25 which is 35% return from suggested level of 15

Futures touched low of 305.5 from suggested 318 level…. hope you are enjoying it.

Book 50% and ride the rest with stop at cost… book 100% at 280 levels in Spot

Monday, March 22, 2010

Forex Trade Updates

First of all the star among the rest… Silver Short

Suggested to short near 17.45-17.5, see here

Target was below 16.85… current price is 16.60 which is 8000 pips or $800 with a Micro lot 1000 units… over 200% return on investment within 4 days.


Next trade… Short NZDUSD… See here :

Suggested to short @ 0.71145 for a target of 130-230 pips, touched 0.70.. which is a good 115 pips profit in 1 day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Silver 1H chart gave you entire day’s range in a single trade…

Who said you can't buy at bottom & sell at top... see this.

A perfect wave that I had been watching on an Hourly Chart of Silver since early morning... up move from day's low to day's high.... complete day's range in a single wave...

Here is the video of it...


vikas verma

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Short Silver Spot – XAG/USD

Silver is looking bearish to me for a target of 17.25-17.18 in Hourly chart. On a Daily chart it is looking bearish for a retest of below 15 levels.. may be 14.55



See how the short went.. instant profit… that is Dhanvarsha :)



Monday, March 8, 2010

Market is all about waves…

Waves exists almost always in the charts and this is so satisfactory when you are able to spot them and profit from them.

See the video of Silver’s SPOT chart where there were 2 waves one after another one bullish then second bearish in the 15minute chart

The bearish wave is still pending for its target… I will update you once it hit the target..

Do let me know if that is helpful to you or if you have any doubts.


Update: See what happened after 2 bars


vikas verma